Popular New Harry Potter Lego Sets

Below you can find the most popular new Harry Potter Lego sets not found in the other sections here. Some are new sets that just came out, while others are older sets that you no longer can find in stores.

However all are brand new, never used. Many will become collectors items in time as they get harder to find. Some are rooms inside Hogwarts castle, like Snape’s Class set. Others are major scenes from the Harry Potter movies, like the Lego set graveyard duel 4766.

Still others are important buildings and places from the HP series, like The Shrieking Shack Lego set 4756 and the Harry Potter Lego Durmstrang ship set. Lets take a look and see what we have, shall we?

Harry Potter Lego The Burrows 4840

Harry Potter Lego Gringotts Bank 4714

First up is the Lego set 4840, the Burrows. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley’s home is under attack by Death Eaters! It has 568 pieces and lots of items like sink, dishes, chairs, table and more.

It also includes Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback Lego mini figures. With three floors there is lots of details and plenty to do.

Next is the popular new Harry Potter Lego Gringotts Bank set 4714. Has 250 pieces plus Harry Potter, Hagrid and two goblin mini-figures. Kids love this one as it has the bank transport car and tracks to go with it.

So you can put Harry and the goblins in the car and let it race down to the vault. Has lots of neat items like money, coins and even secret vaults you can find.

Chamber Of Secrets Lego set 4730

LEGO Harry Potter: Dobby’s Release

The Chamber Of Secrets Lego set 4730 is large at 600 pieces and makes several different scenes. Comes with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Gilderoy Lockhart, Ginny Weasley, Tom Riddle, Fawkes the Phoenix and the Basilisk snake.

Cool items include Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, trap doors, three towers and the chamber. Also has the Gryffindor sword, flames, shorting hat and many other neat items. A very fun set!

The new Harry Potter Lego set Dobby’s release is a small set at 70 pieces. Also has Lucius Malfoy and Dobby the Elf Lego mini figures. It has some secret compartments to it that is fun.

Items include Tom Riddle’s diary, Gryffindor sock and more. It’s a fun small set where you can act out one of the popular scenes from the Harry Potter movies, Dobby’s release.

Harry Potter Lego Durmstrang ship set 4768

The Shrieking Shack Lego set 4756

Building the Lego Durmstrang ship set is really fun and the only ship in the Harry Potter series. At 550 pieces with Professor Karkaroff and Viktor Krum figures it has lots of details.

The ship is three floors high with the crows nest, sails, trap doors, cabins, anchor and more. The Harry Potter Lego Durmstrang ship set 4768 will be a real collectors item someday.

Another very popular set is the Shrieking Shack Lego set 4756. With 444 pieces and Sirius Black as a dog and as himself plus other mini figures it’s tons of fun.

You can spin the shack sideways to come up from the underground tunnel, change people into animals, find secret compartments and trap doors and more. Includes Honeydukes candy store and lots of accessories. The Lego Shrieking Shack set is a winner.

Harry Potter Lego set graveyard duel 4766

LEGO Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Forbidden Corridor 4706

The new Harry Potter Lego set graveyard duel 4766 is a great set at 548 pieces with Harry, Voldemort, Wormtail, Malfoy and some skeleton Lego figures. Items include four graves, the pot Voldemort comes out of, grave house, trees, wagon and other things.

It also has that big figure headstone that came alive and held Harry, cool. The Lego graveyard duel set makes a great addition to your Harry Potter Lego collection.

LEGO Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Forbidden Corridor 4706 set has 238 pieces and comes with Fluffy the three headed dog, plus Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

The building opens up and has neat features like an attack plant, trap doors, several rooms, chest, moving stairs and more. It’s a nice addition to any HP Lego collection.

Harry Potter Snape’s Class Lego set 4705

Harry Potter Lego Professor Lupin’s Classroom set 4752

Next we have some sets that are rooms inside Hogwart’s castle. Professor Snape’s Class Lego set 4705 has 163 pieces with Ron Weasley, Professor Snape and a ghost Lego figure.

Includes potion bottles, Ron’s pet rat Scabbers, Trevor the Toad, cauldron, spider webs and more. Has some cool surprises like a desk that opens, hidden parchment and other things.

The new Harry Potter Lego Professor Lupin’s Classroom set 4752 has 155 pieces plus Neville and Professor Lupin Lego minifigures. Room has two floors with a turning wardrobe, bottles and other neat items.

Harry Potter Lego House of Gryffindor Set 4722

LEGO Rescue from the Merpeople set 4762

The House of Gryffindor Lego set 4722 is a fun set at 68 pieces and comes with Ron Weasley. It has two rooms with items like the bed, pet rat scabbers, owl, luggage, fat lady portrait, books and so on.

A very unique set, the LEGO Rescue from the Merpeople set 4762 recreates a scene from the Triwizard tournament. It has 175 pieces with Harry, Ron, Hermione, shark-headed Viktor and the merman Lego mini figures.

Neat features include a rowboat with oars, a lever that launches Ron and Hemione up, hidden knifes, sea creature and platforms. Harry has a switchable head and flippers, Viktor’s shark head comes off. the LEGO Rescue from the Merpeople set is a great collectors item.

Lego set 4767 Harry Potter and the Hungarian Horntail

LEGO Harry Potter: Sirius Black’s Escape set

Another great collectors set, Harry Potter and the Hungarian Horntail Lego set 4767 has 265 pieces with Harry, Professor Dumbledore and one other mini figure plus the dragon. Harry has a magnetic hand to catch the golden egg.

Set includes the spectator stands, a broom launcher, golden egg, two other clumps of Lego rocks and other accessories. The Hungarian Horntail Lego set is a bit rare and not many are left.

Sirius Black’s Escape Lego set is a cool set with 188 pieces. You get Harry Potter, Sirus Black, Buckbeak the Hippogriff and a Dementor Lego figure. The prison tower has two levels.

Once you open the tower you can use Harry’s wand to unlock a secret hiding place that holds the keys to release Black. Has a swinging door and other accessories. Sirius Black’s Escape Lego set is a fun set to add to your HP collection.

Lego Harry Potter: Dumbledore’s Office set 4729

Troll on the Loose HP Lego set 4712

The new Harry Potter Lego Dumbledore’s Office set 4729 is a fantastic set that should be a must buy for your HP Lego collection. This amazing set has 446 pieces with Professor Dumbledore , Professor McGonagall and Harry Potter Lego mini figures.

Dumbledor’s office set has many moving and secret parts that make it lots of fun. Unlock the hidden entrance to get inside, climb moving stairs, make the galaxy image swirl and lots more. This is one of the better HP Lego sets and it connects to the Hogwart’s castle set.

The new Lego Troll on the Loose set 4712 is a small fun set at 71 pieces and with Harry Potter and the mountain Troll giant figures. The Troll has a big club and the set comes with the bathroom in this Harry Potter scene.

The sink comes apart and down, recreating what happened in the movie. Comes with a few other accessories. This is the only set you can find the Mountain Troll Lego figure.

LEGO Harry Potter Sorting Hat set 4701

LEGO Harry Potter: Harry and the Marauder’s Map set

The Harry Potter Lego Sorting Hat set 4701 is another small set but it’s very fun. At 49 pieces with Harry and Hedwig figures it’s one of the smallest sets. The sorting hat fits on Harry’s head and you spin a wheel to see what house you will be in. Has other accessories also.

Finally we have the new Harry and the Marauder’s Map Lego set. It has 106 pieces with Harry and Professor Snape Lego minifigures. It has two levels and some cool items like the Marauder’s Map, flames and the one eyed witch.

Heat from your fingers make writing on the map appear, and when you use Harry’s wand on the hump-backed, one-eyed witch, she will slide backwards to reveal the secret passage to Hogsmeade. A very cool HP Lego set.

As you can see there are many great new Harry Potter Lego sets to choose from. Some are the buildings from HP, some are rooms and some are popular scenes from the movies.

If you love Harry Potter and like the Lego sets, then buying a Harry Potter Lego set will bring you many hours of enjoyment. Or maybe you have a kid who would love a set, or know someone that would like one as a gift.

Once you get the basic Lego set of Hogwart’s castle, all the other sets above are great additions to your collection and you can grow it for a long time. These are great Lego collectors sets that will be hard to find in the near future.

So check out all the great new Harry Potter Lego sets and buy a few today for yourself or that Harry Potter fan you know. They make great gifts and will bring hours of fun! 🙂