Harry Potter Lego Hagrids Hut, Quidditch match sets

On this page you can find the most popular new Harry Potter Lego Hagrids Hut sets and Harry Potter Lego Quidditch match sets. The Hagrids Hut sets are pretty popular as all kids love the character of the big friendly Hagrid.

Of course they also love the new Quidditch match Lego sets. With these the kids can pretend to be Harry Potter as he flies around on his broom and scoring for the team.

Both sets make a great addition to the base Hogwart’s castle set. They really expand the area of the play sets and give them lots more to do. Below are the best and most popular of these two sets you can find online.

harry potter lego hagrids hut set 4738

Hagrids Hut Lego set 4754

The first one is the new Harry Potter Lego Hagrids Hut set number 4738. It has a total of 442 pieces plus six Lego minifigures; Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Hagrid, Norbert and Aragog.

The hut closes or can be opened to see and do things inside. You can find a table, chairs, pots, pans, stove and more inside this new Harry Potter Lego set. Even doors and windows open.

Next we have the new Hagrids Hut Lego set 4754. This one has 302 pieces and the Harry Potter and Hagrid Lego minifigures. Like the other set it opens up so you can see and do things inside it.

Comes with neat items like a cat, pots, plants, table and other items. The fireplace has flames and several things move or swivel around. It’s a really nice Hagrids Hut set that makes a great addition to your HP Lego collection.

Harry Potter Lego Quidditch match set 4737

Lego Quidditch practice set 4726

The last two sets are Harry Potter Lego Quidditch match sets. These normally have a low amount of pieces compared to other HP Lego sets. The Lego set 4737 Quidditch match has 153 pieces and 5 minifigures; Harry Potter, Marcus Flint, Oliver Wood, Madam Rolanda Hooch and Draco Malfoy.

You get brooms, a Golden Snitch, goal post, Quidditch trophy, Hufflepuff Tower and more. This set is surprisingly cheap and really adds a nice set to your Lego collection from HP.

Finally we have the new Harry Potter Lego Quidditch match practice set 4726. This comes with 128 pieces and Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and Madam Hooch Lego mini figures.

This comes with 3 goal post, tower, catapult, golden snitch and a few other items. It’s a nice small set that is fast to put together and will keep your kids active for hours.

So there you have it, the most popular Lego sets of Hagrids Hut and Harry Potter Quidditch match sets. Every Harry Potter Lego collection should have these two sets to complete it.

Both are an integral part of the whole HP series and feature prominently in at least one of the Harry Potter movies. Buy one or both of these new Harry Potter Lego sets today and see the joy in your child’s eyes!